State Employee Loans: Best Offer 2018!

State employee loans, here is the solution dedicated to teachers, teachers, affiliated doctors, military, armed forces or more generally all ministerial employees.

If you are looking for a convenient, flexible, fast and easy loan, here is the solution for you. With Financemm it’s simple, just one click. If you are interested in a simulation, a free estimate and without obligation, contact us now ! Fill out the form on our site, within a few minutes you will receive a phone call.

We will see in this article why rely on our company, what are the advantages of a credit counselor. Now let’s try to understand what types of funding are dedicated to state employees.

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State dependent loans: here are the solutions!

State dependent loans: here are the solutions!

For state employees there are various types of financing. Let’s see them together.

  • State employees inps loans
  • personal financing
  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment

Modified loans are excluded from these solutions. This product is in fact dedicated only to employees of private companies, such as individual companies, srl, sas, snc, cooperatives and spa.

Even if newly hired, a state employee can get easy access to credit thanks to the guarantees of the income received. The lenders that provide these loans are multiple, among the most important we mention:

  • Unicredit
  • Banca Intesa Sanpaolo
  • bNL
  • Findomestic
  • IBL Bank

State dependent loans: when they are not accepted.

State dependent loans: when they are not accepted.

In some cases, even if a ministerial employee, the loan application is not taken into consideration by the credit institution to which it is addressed. It is the case, for example, of Luca who writes:

hello, I would like to understand why the state employees have not been financed by me. Being already their client, I looked for goomers in findomestic loans to state employees so as to address directly to this financial. The findomestic loan I have been denied and I do not understand why. Can you help me?

In the case of Luca, the reason for the refusal was due to a report in the databases, not for delays, but for previous other requests.

When you are a good payer, access to credit is easier, but the presence of requests (including online) made to other institutions can result in the rejection of the application. Luca had to wait for the cancellation from the databases of the requests and respective waste and then get the money requested. Having other commitments in progress, we opted for debt consolidation, so that it could pay only one monthly installment.

Government loans offer: why choose Financemm?

Government loans offer: why choose Financemm?

We are a credit brokerage company ( OAM registration M359 ), that is we are a (no cost) intermediary between bank and customer. Every day hundreds of people rely on our advice because with only one referent can get the best market conditions.

Unlike a bank or a financial company that obviously will try to offer only its own product, the credit mediator will analyze which of the various market opportunities meets the client’s expectations. The research extends to the evaluation of:

  • interest rate (tan and taeg)
  • ancillary costs (eg life insurance policies)
  • amount paid
  • optimization of ongoing commitments (linking multiple installments in one solution)
  • free consultation

Our service has no costs for the customer.

How does it work?

Completed the contact form on our site, within a few minutes a colleague will contact you directly. Once the conditions have been defined, you will agree on an appointment directly at home to view all the forms ; our collaborators are present throughout Italy.