Loans for Conditioning Plants: Tax Deductions


Loans for air conditioning systems Sardinia

Loans for air conditioning systems Sardinia

An air conditioning system is an indispensable element to cope with periods of great heat such as the summer just passed, which has recorded record temperatures throughout Italy. The residents of Cagliari, Sassari, Oristano, Ogliastra, Nuoro and the rest of Sardinia know it well, where the highs reached 35 degrees Celsius even in September.

The purchase of an air conditioner, however, often involves high costs and not for everyone. Those who do not have the necessary resources, but do not intend to renounce to the benefits of an air conditioner can resort to a personal loan.

In this way it is possible to defer payment with a multi-year amortization plan. Furthermore, by choosing a personal loan, it is possible to request a sum greater than the cost of the air conditioner, so as to have the liquidity necessary to meet even other expenses.

The personal loan falls into the category of non-finalized loans. In other words, the beneficiary can use the sum obtained in the way he prefers without being tied to the purchase of a certain good or service. Those who buy an air conditioning system can also enjoy state subsidies of 50% and 65%.

Loans for air conditioning systems: how to access the 50% tax deduction

Loans for air conditioning systems: how to access the 50% tax deduction

Thanks to the extension of the tax deduction on air conditioners, established by the 2015 Stability Law, the subsidy will be active until 31 December 2015. Taxpayers who intend to benefit from the 50% deductions for the recovery of the building stock, or 65% for the energy renovation costs for buildings, have until 31 December 2015 to pay the costs. But what are the conditions necessary to access the deductions?

The income tax deduction of 50% is a tax aid aimed at encouraging the recovery of the building heritage. A facility which can be used only by the holders of residential properties within the spending limit of 96 thousand euros for each individual residential real estate unit (and related appurtenances).

Loans for air conditioning systems, furniture bonuses and a 65% deduction

Loans for air conditioning systems, furniture bonuses and a 65% deduction

The furniture bonus was also confirmed throughout 2015, which provides an income tax deduction of 50% of the costs incurred for the purchase of fixed furniture, furniture and large appliances (category A + and A for ovens). The bonus is only accessible if the furniture purchased is destined for the housing unit already undergoing building restoration.

The spending limit is set at 10 thousand euros (additional compared to 96 thousand for recovery operations). At the same time, however, the amount of the subsidized expenses with the furniture bonus cannot be higher than the expenses incurred for the relative building recovery intervention.

The income tax deduction of 65% was also extended for the energy renovation costs of the buildings and on the communal common areas. The deduction is accessible to both private individuals and business income holders. In fact, there are no objective exclusions with regards to the type of building subject to intervention.

The deduction of 65 percent is also extended to the expenses incurred for the purchase and installation of air conditioning systems equipped with heat generators fueled by biomass fuels. In this case the maximum limit for the deduction is 30 thousand euros.

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